What The Sages Will Do - The Sages Institute


The Sages will support the development and presentation of high quality training programs for students and students in training in a variety of geographic locations.

The SAGES Foundation will provide support to:

  • Assure affordable educational programs in emerging Culinary Arts and procedures
  • Create methods for objective assessment of technical skills and competence
  • Promote high quality Culinary, Food Science and Hospitality management career
  • Develop a broad cadre or qualified trainers in order to offer every opportunity for students to remain at the cutting edge
  • Develop on-line education programs as well as teleconferencing to facilitate training to the widest possible audience
  • Create Preceptor-ship networks.
  • Develop interactive training and self demonstrating skills
  • Support post internship programs to train – the trainers
  • Explore virtual reality and communication as tools for improving student education
  • Integrate basic and advanced Culinary skills into every training and educational program in both the US and Asia
  • Pursue paths to improve student back-to-work statistics, procedure efficacy, and data-based standards in real field.
  • Provide “Progress reports” on new and emerging training
  • Identify individuals and institutions to undertake groundbreaking education
  • Develop educators and trainers conferences for cross pollination of ideas
To Gather, To Share, and To Care with The Sages Institute, International.