7 Reasons Why You should Join - The Sages Institute, International

1. Three Flexible Choices

SAGES offers its students choices:
  • They can participate for one year program in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy plus at least six months internship and graduate with an "Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy" or
  • They can continue their study by taking an additional one year program in Baking Pastry plus at least six months internship and graduate with an "Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy, Baking Pastry, and Hospitality"
  • They can enroll for pathway programs to obtain Bachelor of Culinary Arts from international SAGES partners.

2. Lower Cost - Higher Value
By joining pathway programs the students can save up to 50% of their tuition fee and living cost abroad to obtain bachelor degree.

3. Top Quality Program
Students have benefits to join a top quality program arranged by SAGES which consists of 30% theoretical courses and 70% practical courses in which students learn how to cook and create delicious and palatable flavors.

4. Thriving Campus
Students can study in an ideal environment with spacious classrooms, comfortable library-students' lounge with outbound & inbound excursion programs.

5. Bilingual
Students can polish up their English skill as 80% of their daily communications. Indonesian is also used to support learning activities.

6. Internship / Apprenticeship
In order to complete their study at SAGES and also to prepare them to engage professionally in culinary business, there will be an internship program in which students can apply their knowledge. Internship is arranged in 5-stars hotels or resorts, restaurants, bakeries, cafe, and etc.

7. Personality and Creativity Development
SAGES does not only teach students how to cook and create new recipes, but it also offers personality development, team building, and entrepreneurship

To Gather, To Share, and To Care with The Sages Institute, International.