The Sages Institute, International is offering Advanced Certificate degree programs, Certificate programs as well as short courses and In-house Professional training. The Advanced Certificate program can be taken in a full-time study mode (2,5 years). Short courses are scheduled continuously throughout the year, while in-house training is designed accordingly to professional demand. Students have the option to choose any of the following study majors.


Culinary Arts

First year program of culinary arts has open the way to understanding and practising students’ cooking skills refer to recipes of cuisines from around the world and knowledge about hospitality management, food service industry and professional service.

  1. Professionalism in kitchen
  2. Equipment & utensils
  3. The arts of saucier
  4. Garde manger
  5. Hors d’ouvre
  6. Entremetier
  7. Cuisines around the world



Baking & Pastry

Second year program of baking & pastry enhances students’ skills of producing all kinds of breads, cakes, and pastries from prominent places of interests throughout the world. Food & beverages classes are also provided.

  1. Breads around the world
  2. French pastries
  3. Bars & cookies
  4. Chocolate arts
  5. Contemporary cakes
  6. Gateaux
  7. Plated & frozen desserts


Integration of culinary arts with Gastronomic Science. Culinary training is taught in conjunction with nutrition, food processing, sensory analysis, Hygiene and Sanitation, principles of food business and economics.

Food service, Food Photography, Consumer psychology, Food education methodology, History of the land and typical products, Scientific research and information resources for food, Business marketing, The economics of food and agriculture, food and agricultural market, Food consumption, Food distribution, The food industry, Gastronomic tourism, Management and accounting.

  1. English
  2. Nutrition
  3. Professional service
  4. Purchasing & cost control
  5. Intro to restaurant business
  6. Hospitality marketing
  7. Business plan in hospitality
  8. Hygiene & sanitation
  9. Sensory science
  10. HR management in hospitality
  11. F&B workshop
  12. R&D of new products
  13. MICE management


The SAGES INSTITUTE career counselors will help you determine your career goals, select a college major, research career fields, develop a resume, enhance your interviewing skills, and search for jobs. The office can link you with potential employers who are recruiting graduates from our institute.

All Graduates are expected to devote their careers in these fields:
  • Restaurants / Cafe Owner
  • Restaurants Manager
  • Restaurants Consultant
  • Hotel / International Chefs
  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Food Stylist and Journalist for Food Magazines
  • Menu Creator
  • Event Organizer
  • Cooking Instructor

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