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SAGES is part of international network of institutions specialized in education, personnel training, consulting, research and development, and transfer technology in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy, Baking Pastry, and Hospitality. SAGES has become an educational institution which is well known for Culinary Arts & Gastronomy, Baking Pastry, and Hospitality in Indonesia. SAGES uses a bilingual teaching concept, individual approach, and college-level career training method.

The programs offered by SAGES are in line with modern international curriculums of the highest standard in culinary study. A unique combination of academic theory and practical experience ensure that the graduates will possess the skills and knowledge demanded by employers worldwide, as well as giving them a strong foundation for a high quality professional career in culinary industry.




To improve life quality of Indonesian through culinary education.


To enrich students’ skills and knowledge by raising their competence in hotel and restaurant industries, by:

  • Conducting well-planned and well-scheduled educational activities systematically with sense of discipline and responsibility.
  • Improving and experimenting constantly to develop culinary knowledge and experience in accordance with social development.
  • Implementing corporate social responsibility in culinary field to increase the value of life.
  • Establishing network with other institutions (government or private sector) to support academy activities.
  • Conducting learning activities with To Gather, To Share, and To Care motto.


Gallery The Sages Institute - culinary and baking pastry school at Surabaya

The Sages Institute, International address :

The Sages Institute, International
Jl. Puncak Permai II/28
Surabaya, 60187

Phone : +62 (31) 732-6277
Website : http://www.sagesinst.org
Email : info@sagesinst.org

To Gather, To Share, and To Care with The Sages Institute, International.

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