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The Food Management and Communications program at The Sages Institute is an American Degree Transfer program, preparing students for transfer to accredited U.S. universities. Students interested in transferring will be able to pursue further studies in a variety of disciplines, such as Restaurant Management, Hospitality Management, Food Marketing, Food Communications, and Food Merchandising and Distribution.

The Sages Institute’s mission is to prepare students to handle culinary techniques at basic levels but more importantly, to pursue an enriching career as a manager or food editor for national and international organizations. In order to reach this goal, various study themes are dealt with, such as, historic influences on the development of Gastronomy, business management, languages and the organization of quality events in the area. At the same time, managerial experiences are incorporated in the program in order to set up and run restaurants and establishments in the field. The program also includes the administrative and organizational knowledge and skills required in forming a framework to pursue and develop new avenues in all areas of the food industry.

The Sages Institute Hospitality Management & Food Service Industry Diploma requirements are listed below:

Fundamental Subjects 12 credits
Selective Subjects 6 credits
Common Subjects 24 credits
Hospitality MAnagement Subjects 42 credits
Internship 6 credits



Introduction to Hospitality Management 3 credits
Introduction to Food Systems 3 credits
Business Practices in the Global Market 3 credits
Purchasing and Cost Control 3 credits
Catering and Banquet Management 3 credits
Menu Design and Service Management 3 credits
Hospitality Marketing and Sales 3 credits
Foodservice Supervisory Management 3 credits
Total Major Credits 24 credits



Introduction to Mass Communication 3 credits
Communication Theory and Practice 3 credits
Media Writing 3 credits
Principles of Advertising 3 credits
Hospitality Marketing and Sales 3 credits
History of Food 3 credits
Food and the Visual Arts 3 credits
Food and Wine Appreciation 3 credits
Total Major Credits 24 credits

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