International Gourmet Festival 2013

Sebagai bagian dari kegiatan rutin The Sages Institute International, pada tahun 2013 kembali diadakan The Sages Institute International Gourmet Festival 2013 yang dibuka untuk umum persembahan dari The Sages Institute Student project.

The Sages Culinary Art Challenge 2012

Adapting the famous culinary cooking show in the states, The SAGES gives a series of culinary related challenges where students can apply the knowledge and skills earned in The SAGES […]

The Sages Institute International ada sekolah Profesional Chef di Surabaya

The Sages Institute, International Surabaya is a School for Professional Chef

The Sages Institute, International Surabaya is a school for creating professional chef with highest standard of Culinary Art and Baking Pastry

Welcome to The Sages Information Center

Thank you for visiting The Sages Webpage. Now you are¬†viewing The Sages Information Center. At this area we will continuously share the information about anything which happening at The Sages […]


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